“I had always felt that I was an observer, never a participant; that I was watching from behind a thick glass wall as people went about the business of living—and did it with such ease, with a skill that they took for granted and that I had never known.”
— The Likeness — Tana French  (via thebeautifulsentences)

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“Writing is like making love. Don’t worry about the orgasm, just concentrate on the process.”
— Isabel Allende  (via thebeautifulsentences)

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“I was calm on the outside but thinking all the time.”
A Clockwork Orange, Dir. Stanley Kubrick   (via thebeautifulsentences)

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“Mostly I long to do nothing. Where on earth can I go to be left in peace?”
Liv Ullmann, from Changing (via violentwavesofemotion)

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